Multi CultureAle | SOUR

$7 | $10

Light bodied and bright notes of pineapple are met with a gentle sourness and pleasant hop aroma

Not Red Handed | STOUT

$7 | $10

Our classic Caught Red Handed with a some experimental hops and a beefier grain bill. Every bit refreshing as the original but with a new kick!

MEADS & More

What Did the Turkey Do? | HARD SODA


Spiced mead with Allspice, Nutmeg, Cloves, Ginger, Anise, and  Vanilla. 



Floral notes and apples dance in your mouth in this true "show mead" featuring Colombian honey

Bruce BeanSting | CAFEMEl MEAD


With a nose of a sweet cup of coffee, the body of a dry wine, and an interesting blend of coffee and honey

Kombuchas & Sodas

Mothership | KOMBUCHA


Our straight kombucha. Unadulterated. Clean crisp, with hints of apple and touch of sourness

Chopped 'N ScreweDriver | HARD SODA


Pineapple and Orange join forces for this bright and tropical hard soda

H-Town Rita | HARD SODA

$7 | $10

Fresh Houston-Style margarita, stay traditional or take it spicy with a smokey salted rim

High Ginger | SODA


Ginger and Hibiscus paired together in a refreshing blend of spice, tart, and a touch of sweetness